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Environmental Health – how climate change affects health and healthcare
Climate change has been identified as the greatest threat to our health this century.

This webinar will explore how climate related environmental changes translate into both direct impacts - from heat exposure and extreme weather events - through to broader changes to the underlying determinants of health - including changes to air quality, disease transmission pathways and the environmental services that we rely on. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is necessary if we are to avoid increasingly unmanageable health impacts and we will highlight the numerous and significant health "co-benefits" that can be gained though mitigation.

Mental health is also negatively affected in many of these climate change processes, and this significant and long-term consequence also leads to increased pressure on service provision. Understanding these environmental/health links is key to being prepared for the now unavoidable conditions we will have to cope with as health practitioners, and recognising how we might adapt to maintain resilience in the health sector.

RACGP are proud to present Dr George Crisp, General Practitioner and WA chair of Doctors for the Environment, Australia. George writes regularly for medical magazines on environmental health matters, and his practice serves as a model to promote sustainability in healthcare and the health co-benefits of environmental action at a community level.

Learning Outcomes
1. Recognise the existing and potential physical and psychological impacts of climate change.
2. Identify the patient who is potentially vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change.
3. Outline the key links between preventative health interventions and environmental sustainability.
4. Improve your recognition and management of medical conditions that are sensitive to changes in our climate.
5. Develop and implement effective environmental health practices as part of your daily procedures.

Oct 29, 2020 07:00 PM in Perth

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